Convert NRG mixed mode CD (CD extra, enhanced CD) to Bin/CUE with Linux

If you happen to have an NRG file (Nero Burning ROM image) of an enhanced/mixed mode CD-ROM (a CD with data and Audio tracks), and need to convert it to Bin/CUE, follow these simple steps:

  1. Get cdemu at
  2. Load the NRG file with gCDEmu (which is the graphical frontend, I don't know the CLI commands, sorry). This mounts the file as a virtual device like /dev/sr1 in my case.
  3. Test it with your favourite music player. You should be able to hear the audio tracks starting from Track 2. (Remember, Track 1 is data, so this is likely just random noise.)
  4. Create a Bin/TOC image with (change mycd.bin and mycd.toc before this command - the toc file has the name of the bin file in it, so renaming afterwards will not work easily; change the device /dev/sr1 to whatever you mounted your NRG image)
    cdrdao read-cd --datafile mycd.bin --driver generic-mmc:0x20000 --device /dev/sr1 --read-raw mycd.toc
  5. Create a CUE file from the TOC file
    toc2cue mycd.toc mycd.cue
  6. Try to mount the CUE file with gCDEmu to test again.

You can use the CUE file directly in e.g. Dosbox with imgmount!
Remember, you need both - the BIN file and the CUE file!

Source: (for the CUE creation from a drive)

That's it folks!